• 【Pre-Order】Bargain Quest - The Black Market Expansion
  • 【Pre-Order】Bargain Quest - The Black Market Expansion
  • 【Pre-Order】Bargain Quest - The Black Market Expansion

【Pre-Order】Bargain Quest - The Black Market Expansion



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The Black Market Expansion brings Bargain Quest to the seedy criminal underworld. With new heroes like the Shaman, and the Bravo, along with cunning employees like the Loan Shark and the Henchman. It's a dangerous town, and you'll have to use all of your cunning and wits if you mean to make a profit out here!


Most importantly however, this expansion introduces a new Upgrade to Bargain Quest: The Black Market Upgrade


This Upgrade functions similarly like the Display and Storage Upgrades in the original game, however the cost to gain this upgrade is not coins, but *stars* which means you'll need to spend your hard earned reputation before you'll be able to make the connections you'll need to access the Black Market Deck!


During the Supply Step, a player with the Black Market Upgrade gains cards from the Black Market Deck, which contains a variety of strange and powerful artifacts!


The Black Market can be a bit unpredictable. Its items range from the incredibly powerful, to the expensive, but useless, to the outright weird. You'll want to keep the best equipment you find for yourself, and leave your opponents with less favorable options. Play your cards right and you'll be the next Capitalist Kingpin.


Rating: /

2-6 players

Best game experience: 2 players

Age: 8+

Game Time: /

Base game: Bargain Quest

Expansion: /