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Tutti Frutti

Tutti frutti is a cooperative and dexterity game.

Players stack cubes according to the logic of domino, trying not to drop them.

The box contains 21 fruit cubes (each cube has 2 fruits), 3 die cubes, 4 fruit boxes and 4 discs.

The game has 3 modes depending on the target age:

- 2+ years: children stack the cubes as they want or arrange them horizontally forming a fruit snake.

- 3+ years: the cubes must be stacked in 4 fruit boxes, following the rules of the domino. The cardboard disks can be put as wild cards among the various cubes. Players win if they stack all 21 cubes, lose if a cube falls.

- 4+ years: play as in the intermediate mode. In addition, the current player throws a die cube. The face of the die determines in which box the fruit is to be placed. Playing with fewer boxes increases the difficulty level.


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1-4 players

Best game experience: /

Age: 2+

Game Time: 5-10 min

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