Tragedy Looper

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Horrible tragedies befall the world every day—but now you can go back and stop them from happening! In Tragedy Looper, a Mastermind unfolds a mystery while a team of Protagonists loops back in time to unravel its secrets. With each loop, Protagonists gain as much information as possible to stop the tragedies in the next loop. Form bonds with characters and they might reveal important information. But if they become to paranoid, bad things can happen. Pay close attention and use your powers of deduction to discover hidden patterns, reveal evil plots, and determine what roles the characters play before you run out of loops. If the plots come to fruition, characters—and even Protagonists—can perish! 



Tragedy Looper contains ten separate scenarios and is a "one versus many" game where the Mastermind faces off against Protagonists. The Mastermind player unfolds the various plots and subplots, but must win every single loop to win the entire scenario. They must adapt to the knowledge the Protagonists gain and thwart their efforts in future loops. In turn, Protagonists must break out of the loop and create a happy future. But Protagonists don’t know who is who, what is what, or even how to win. Protagonists must the knowledge gained in past loops to stop the tragedies before they even take place! These ten scenarios are only the beginning. Tragedy Looper also comes with materials you can use to create your own adventures. Build your own scripts and expand the game on your own!


Rating: 7.32

2-4 players

Best game experience: 4 players

Age: 14+

Game Time: 120 min

Base game: