The King's Abbey

King Sivolc has a plan to leave the darkness behind forever!


The King’s Abbey is a strategic dice placement game that transports players to a time when great abbeys were illustrious parts of the Middle Ages. Players lead orders of monks commissioned by King Sivolc to build the greatest abbey to counter the growing darkness that threatens the land.


Roll and place your monks to recruit peasants and train clergy in your own abbey. Build your abbey by gathering wood, grain, stone, and sand. Launch crusades with the crusade cards and earn prestige. Every roll provides flexibility, challenge, and a unique path to success!


The game also has a scalable length and difficulty. Get a taste of victory with the base game, and go on gruelling crusades when experienced. Also included are the first two expansions, Saints and Relics, to provide new challenges!


Withstand the darkness, and demonstrate to King Sivolc that your abbey has the prestige to be THE KING’S ABBEY!


Rating: 7.12

1-5 players

Best game experience: 4 players

Age: 14+

Game Time: 90-180 min

Base game: