Shadows in Kyoto

Shadows in Kyoto is in the same universe and the bestselling game Hanamikoji. With beautiful artwork featuring the same fictional history, with easy to learn rules, a 2-player game with lots of variants. From the story, mechanism, art and all the details is focused in bringing players new and exciting game play experience. By utilizing the various leader charismas, your agents can unexpectedly break the opponents blockade, you can also strategize and set traps, attack when unexpected.


Each player has different experience with gaming, we designed 3 difficultly levels, even first time strategy game players can enjoy this game, and develop a passion for strategy game as well.


There are two types of intelligence in the game, real and fake. To win, 1 of your agent with real intelligence successfully escapes the enemy or capture 2 of enemy with real intelligence, or alternatively you can also let the enemy capture 3 fake intelligence. Each round players choose to play 1 Site Card or 1 Tactics Car, your agent will move to the corresponding site. If two opposing players occupy the same site, a conflict occurs, the player with the more power captures opponent’s agen.


Rating: 7.15

2 players

Best game experience: 2 players

Age: 10+

Game Time: 15-30 min

Base game: