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The drug war is in full swing in Colombia, and the man who controls the biggest operation is known as the Patr¨®n. His enemies are numerous, and they¡¯ll stop at nothing to bring his empire to its knees. He will have to avoid his would-be captors, as he moves from one Location to the next, using his many properties as hideouts in a high stakes game of cat and mouse. In Narcos: The Board Game, based on the Netflix original show, one player takes on the role of the Patr¨®n, while the others become the Factions forming a tense alliance in their search for the cartel kingpin. Unfortunately for the Patr¨®n, his Sicarios leave behind clues to his Location, allowing the Factions to close the net. Are the Patr¨®n¡¯s days numbered, or will he find a way to escape his pursuers


Rating: 7.08

2-5 players

Best game experience: / players

Age: 18+

Game Time: 75 min

Base game: