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Pax Transhumanity

What if Hollywood and the doomsters are wrong and the future is non-dystopian? No pandemic, zombies, or post-apocalyptic rubble? A more likely future is one in which free-market fortuneers explore the fringes of the achievable, in which scientists and technocrats rewrite the human condition by expanding into new spheres — the developing world, the cloud, and space — in doing so, demolishing the barriers of age, disease, suffering, and physical confinement to this planet. As control over our surroundings expands, technology will become more of a intimate part of who we are — or acquire a mind of its own, incorporated into our transhuman state.


Rating: /

2-4 players

Best game experience: /

Age: 12+

Game Time: 60-150 min

Base game: /

Expansion: /