Keyper is a worker placement game. Each player starts with their own village board, a small keyp board and will also claim a country board during each season.


The village board comprises of a farm, village, fair ground, storage area, dock and keyp.


The country boards are special folding boards which enable gamers to choose from four different options at the beginning of the summer, autumn and winter seasons.


There is a high degree of player interaction. If a player uses a country board then another player can join that player on the first player's turn to both player's benefit. It's not a co-operative game in the true sense, but co-operative play can be beneficial.


At the end of each season, a player takes the board that they have claimed with their keyper together with the keyples on the board. So in subsequent seasons a player's team of keyples is likely to be of a different colour mix and a different number.


Rating: 7.53

2-4 players

Best game experience: 3 players

Age: 14+

Game Time: 90-120 min

Base game: