The high priests have found the secret to a happy life: The power of the sun drives everything. Tapping into this power allows them to improve their way of life better than anything before, but it gives rise to competition. Who will bring their culture to the forefront the quickest? In Helios, players are the high priests and compete to create the most magnificent world. Throughout the game, you must expand your cities and build temples, all the while praying that the Sun God Ahau shows you mercy. Let His light shine upon your territory and temples to collect the resources that they bring. Only with His help will your civilization secure its place in history.



In Helios, each player's civilization blossoms across their player board. Each round, they construct new buildings and temples to gain abilities and score points. But the larger your civilization grows, the more it will need the mercy of Ahau. Pray to him to move the sun around your player board and illuminate new tokens. Illuminated tiles produce victory points and precious mana that you can spend to hire characters to contribute to your civilization. Each character and building confers its own unique abilities, so choose carefully and guide your civilization in the direction you choose.  


Rating: 6.85

2-4 players

Best game experience: 2-4 players

Age: 13+

Game Time: 60 min

Base game: