Euphoria Build a Better Dystopia




UPDATE July 1, 2014: 16 of the original recruit cards have been updated and revised for the second printing of Euphoria. Those recruit cards are included for free in every copy of our Treasure Chest and will be available for purchase through the BGG store.


You find yourself in a dystopian cityscape with a few workers at your disposal to make your mark on the world. Like most people in dystopian fiction, your workers are oblivious to their situation. This world is all they've ever known, and you may use them at your whim.


The world as we know it has ended, and in its place the city of Euphoria has risen. Believing that a new world order is needed to prevent another apocalypse, the Euphorian elite erect high walls around their golden city and promote intellectual equality above all else. Gone are personal freedoms; gone is knowledge of the past. All that matters is the future.


The Euphorians aren’t alone. Outside the city are those who experienced the apocalypse firsthand—they have the memories and scars to prove it. These Wastelanders have cobbled together a society of historians and farmers among the forgotten scrap yards of the past.


There is more to the world than the surface of the earth. Deep underground lies the hidden city of Subterra, occupied by miners, mechanics, and revolutionaries. By keeping their workers in the dark, they’ve patched together a network of pipes and sewers, of steam and gears, of hidden passages and secret stairways.


Rating: 7.3

2-6 players

Best game experience: 4-5 players

Age: 13+

Game Time: 60 min

Base game: /

Expansion: Euphoria: Ignorance Is Bliss; Euphoria: Participate In The Game or Watch It Played