El Grande Big Box



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Spain in the late Middle Ages. The King and his domain are secure, but the high nobility, known as the Grandes, wish to expand their influence. As one of these Grandes, send your loyal Caballeros to strengthen your position throughout the country. The El Grande Box invites you to dive into this world and experience everything this classic game has to offer. Containing the El Grande base game, every previously released expansion, and the special Anniversary expansion created to celebrate the game’s twentieth anniversary, the Big Box offers the definitive El Grande experience. Whether you play with none of the expansions or incorporate them however you like, your actions are sure to shape Spain for centuries to come.



Victory is won with cunning and guile, not swords. Every turn, each Grande must select power cards to determine turn order and the number of Caballeros they can move from the provinces to their courts. Draft your Caballeros, then select an action card that will best help you distribute those Caballeros to the regions across Spain. Each of the five action card bends the rules slightly, creating additional scoring opportunities for Grandes who can find the right combination at the right moment. Move the King to a new region to open additional provinces to place your Caballeros or block another Grande’s action for a round. Use all your wiles to outsmart your opponents to obtain points by claiming majorities in each region.



Once you’ve become a master of court politics with the base game, add more depth and variety with the expansions included in the El Grande Big Box. Replace the standard action and power cards with those found in the three King and Intrigue expansions for even more tactical options. These cards add bold new dimensions to the game, making King and Intrigue feel like a completely new game.



Every expansion offers exciting new possibilities for each game of El Grande. Add ships and send your Caballeros to distant colonies with Grand Inquisitor and Colonies. With this expansion, you can use your Caballeros even more flexibly and the influence of the Grand Inquisitor can shift the balance of power quickly. Finally, the Grandissimo expansion extends the action to Portugal and introduces new tiles that give you more control over moving your Caballeros. Combine any of these expansions with the Anniversary Expansion to plant your flag and claim the majorities you need to win the game. The time is ripe for you to solidify power!


Rating: 8.34

2-5 players

Best game experience: 5 players

Age: 13+

Game Time: 90 min

Base game: