• Numenera RPG - Ninth World Bestiary 3

Numenera RPG - Ninth World Bestiary 3


For a billion years this Earth has teemed with life. Nature has crafted innumerable species—and thousands more have been shaped by the prior worlds. There is no end, it seems, to the variety of life to be encountered in the Ninth World. And all of it is interesting, usually weird, sometimes creepy—and often very, very dangerous. This lavishly illustrated tome brings over 130 new Ninth World creatures to life. Innovative features such as size comparison diagrams, one-creature-per-page layout, and heavy cross-referencing make this book a joy to use—at the game table or while prepping your adventures. And it includes encounter tables featuring creatures from the Numenera Discovery and Numenera Destiny corebooks, plus all three Ninth World Bestiaries, making it easy to look up creatures from every major source.

. Who doesn’t love a good monster book? Expect this to be an evergreen title.

. Stunning illustrations make it a page flipper and a great sales tool for the Numenera line.

. Loads of great features beyond the many monsters: companion creatures, domesticated creatures, wild animals, megafauna, and NPCs. Plus comprehensive encounter tables including creatures from all the corebooks and bestiaries to date.

. Includes a huge double-sided poster map—free