Players are bean farmers and each player starts the game with two empty bean fields and five cards. You cannot rearrange the cards in your hand and must keep them in the order they have been dealt.


On your turn you must play the first card in your hand, planting it in one of your fields. You then draw two cards from the deck and lay them face up on top of the table. You can either trade or donate one or both of these cards to one or more players. If they are not traded or donated, you keep them. You can also trade or donate any other cards in your hand.


After the trading, all traded or donated cards are planted in fields of the players who now own them. If you kept one or both of the cards you drew, you plant those as well. When planting cards, if a field already has a bean in it, you may only plant matching beans in that same field. If both your fields are full and you have to plant a bean, you must sell all the beans in one field to clear it out. On each bean card, it says how much gold you earn based on the number of beans you are selling. For instance, if you sell two red beans, you earn one gold coin. If you sell six chili beans, you earn two. Each bean has a minimum amount you need to sell in order to make any money, so you may be forced into selling beans for nothing. When you sell beans, you flip over a bean card for each gold coin you earn, place those in your money pile, and discard the rest.


Once players have planted their donated/traded beans, the active player draws three new cards, one at a time, placing them at the back of his hand and his turn ends. At any time, players can sell the beans in their fields or spend three of their gold coins to purchase a third bean field.


Players go through the draw deck three times and then the game ends. The player with the most gold wins the game.


Rating: 7.05

2-7 players

Best game experience: 5 players

Age: 13+

Game Time: 45 min

Base game:

Expansion: Marco Bohno