Arcadia Quest Riders Game Night Kit

Game Night Kits provide a full evening’s gaming in one box. They’re filled with exclusive prizes and materials, with support for players, along with some extras for the store and the person that runs the event. You will also earn points for running a Game Night event!

The Arcadia Quest: Riders Game Night Kit comes with lots of exclusive goodies for players’ Guilds. It has pearlescent black Attack dice and white Defense dice. It also features two exclusive mounts for Heroes to ride in. One’s a mighty (and mighty hairy) buffalo, while the other is a graceful and sleek tiger. Rather nice rewards for playing some games. In Arcadia Quest, players can acquire a Mount for their Guild, letting a hero ride around the battlefield, knocking enemies aside and bringing new special abilities to the table.


- Exclusive Mounts -The exclusive mounts in thisset are not available anywhere else.

-Pearlescent Dice - These exclusive dice add somebling to attacks, replacing the ones from the basegame.

-Earn Points - Stores earn points for running GameNight events. The more players that participate,the more they’ll earn.


- 1 WelcomeLetter

- 1 Promotional Poster

- 1 Sticker

- 18 Pearlescent Black Attack Dice

- 18 Pearlescent White Defense Dice

- 3 Buffalo Mounts

- 3 Tiger Mounts


Base Game: Arcadia Quest Riders