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Antidote Lab Alliance



Something went terribly wrong in the lab and your entire team has been exposed to a deadly toxin! Can you deduce the antidote before it’s too late? Will you be able to find enough of the life-giving-formula for everyone on your team to survive?


We’re excited to bring you Antidote: Lab Alliance, the expansion to the card game Antidote: A Game of Deduction, Deception and Mortality!


Antidote: Lab Alliance introduces five new ways to play, including support for up to nine players, team play, new turn actions and special cards, and sinister new Lab Romance characters.


Antidote: Lab Alliance is NOT a standalone game. You will also need a copy of the base game, Antidote to play.


Rating: 7.54

3-9 players

Best game experience: / players

Age: 13+

Game Time: 20-30 min

Base game: Antidote



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