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Everyone can understand emotions, but can you decipher each other's emotions? Is your group harmonious...or perhaps discordant? Find out in this game full of emotions...


In Affinity, all players get an emotion card, with one of the four "emotion spirits": Fun, Sad, Beautiful or Creepy. Each player also draws nine sentence cards: three starts, three middles, and three endings. With three cards, one of each type, they create a sentence trying to convey, as best they can, the emotion they received, then they give the sentence to the player on their left. The sentences are then read, and everyone other than the person who created each particular sentence can then discuss them, attempting to guess what the intended emotion was. If they guess the right emotion, move the complicity token forward; if not, move the Discord token forward. The game continues until Harmony or Discord reaches the end of the track.





Best game experience: / players

Age: 8+

Game Time: 20min

Base game:

Expansion: Affinity: Goodies 7/7 Special Plato (2018)