• 【Pre-Order】Don't Get Got
  • 【Pre-Order】Don't Get Got

【Pre-Order】Don't Get Got



Please read our pre-order policy at the foot of the webpage before ordering (It is important when you want the order sent separately).

Please be aware that the following product is a pre-order and is expected to be released in July 2020.

As our supplier hasn’t provided a detailed release date, so it might delay. Thus, we strongly recommend you to order this item separately with all other items to avoid the possible late dispatch of the whole order.

In this party game, each player gets six secret missions to pull off. First to three wins. 

This isn't a sit-down-at-a-table sort of game – you play it alongside whatever else you're doing. So whether you're at home, on holiday or at a party, you'll always be looking for sneaky ways to get them... before they get you. 


Rating: 7.2

2-10 players

Best: 7-9 players

/ min

Age: 14+

Base game: /

Expansion: /